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Your safety is our top priority at Pine Valley Outdoor Living. While our rentals are designed to provide unique experiences and thrills, it’s important to read the safety information of each manufacture's warning labels and additional information located on their websites so that you can make an informed decision about your ability to safely and conveniently experience everything Pine Valley Outdoor Living has to offer.

Whether it's renting out kayaks, inner tubes, or water trampolines, ensuring the safety of you is our primary concern. This includes:

  1. Ensuring that all of our equipment in good working condition.

  2. Ensuring customers understand the appropriate safety equipment, such as life jackets, which can help prevent serious injuries in case of accidents.

  3. Ensuring you are aware there are restrictions on equipment provided by manufacturers and local and state officials.


By prioritizing safety, you can help ensure that you have a positive experience.

Local and State Laws

It is required that you follow all local and state laws. For a reference of state laws in Alabama, especially when referring to life jackets, please see which will also provide information and diagrams on proper life jackets. 


Manufacturing requirements

Every manufacture has different safety requirements, from age to weight, capacity, etc. Every product we carry has a brand name, see below for common products we carry:

At times, we carry different selections of rentals, and it is vital to familiarize yourself with the manufacture's operating, setup, and installation manuals as well as adhering to their warning labels.

Please partner with our staff if you have trouble finding any safety or operating manuals for your rental. 


PPE and Safety Gear

PPE  (Personal Protective Equipment) and safety gear comes in all forms, and is designed for all levels of safety. This includes life jackets, sunscreen, helmets, first aid kits. Some may be required, such as life jackets, while others such as a first aid kit or sunscreen are recommended. Always check with your local and state laws. 


Pine Valley Outdoor Living Safety Policies

​In additional to manufacturing safety requirements and local and state laws, Pine Valley Outdoor Living also has the following safety policies in place. Should you have any questions about these policies, our staff is available to assist.


  1. Rentals are not allowed for customers with a history of heart conditions or abnormal blood pressure

  2. Rentals are not allowed for customers with a back, neck, or similar conditions.

  3. Rentals are not allowed for expecting mothers.

  4. Rentals are not recommended for customers who are susceptible to motion sickness or dizziness. 

  5. Towable Rentals are not recommended for customers who are susceptible to a fear of high speeds.

  6. Rentals are not allowed for customers wearing casts.

  7. Rentals are not allowed for customers with recent surgery or injuries that may be further aggravated by the rental equipment.

  8. Alcohol and drug consumption is not allowed while using any of Pine Valley Outdoor Rentals, regardless of local and state laws.

  9. Medicine that may impair vision, motor function, hearing, or other senses and mobilities that may be requires to swim, grasp, or brace for impacts are not allowed. Please refer to your medical professional to see if you are impacted. 

  10. Renters must be able to utilize equipment without the aid or assistance from others, regardless if renter does or does not have a disability. 

  11. Rentals are not allowed for customers who do not have the knowledge or ability to effectively swim in the event of a personal flotation device failure. 

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