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  • Do I need to make a reservation?
    Reservations are not required for rentals, though we highly recommend them to ensure availability. From April-August many of our popular rentals such as water trampolines, bounce houses, and banana boats book weeks ahead and are limited availability. For weekend rentals, it is always recommended to book ahead to ensure staffing and delivery. In some cases, we can deliver with short notice, but oftentimes we need a day or more notice, depending on our existing delivery schedule.
  • What should we bring?
    We recommend you bring something to drink and sun protection (sunblock, hat). You may also bring snacks and anything else you think you might need. We recommend wearing light clothing, such as a bathing suit, or shorts and a t-shirt, depending on the weather. On cooler days you might consider bringing a windbreaker or fleece to stay warm. You should avoid any heavy cotton, such as jeans and sweatshirts, as these will absorb water and stay wet and heavy. You should avoid wearing regular sneakers or other non-water shoes while using the equipment, and only use shoes that are designed for swimming or getting wet. You may also bring your phone or camera to take pictures and video of your experience. And of course positive energy to have a whole lot of fun! We have dry bags for phones, drinks, and sun protection available for purchase!
  • Are equipment rentals by hour or daily? Are there late fees?
    All rental equipment is based upon a daily rental, and should be returned by 10 AM the following day. Multi-day equipment rentals are available in which the day you pick up the rental is considered Day 1, regardless of the time you pick up the rental. Our shop opens at 9 AM, but should you need to pick up the rental earlier such as 7 AM, please let us know so we can arrange a pick up. After 10 AM the following day, the day the rental is due to be returned, late fees occur as following: 0-1< hour (10:00am-10:59am) - 10% of rental cost <1-2 hours (11:00am-11:59am) - 20% of rental cost <2-3 hours (12:00pm-1:59pm) - 30% of rental cost <3 hours (any time past 1:59pm) - Full day rental cost
  • Are life jackets required? Are they provided?
    Lifejackets are recommended under all circumstances, but are required by law when using certain equipment. Please check with your local and state laws. For example, when using rental equipment that tows a person in Alabama - "No person shall operate or give permission to operate any vessel on the waters of this state towing a person or persons on water skis, surfboard, spinners, or other similar devices unless such person or persons being towed are wearing a Type I, II, III, or Type V U. S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD)." - please refer to for more information. Additionally, local officials may have increased restrictions beyond the state laws. Additionally, some non-motorized rentals such as kayaks and SUP boards require all persons under eight (8) years of age, must wear a U. S. Coast Guard approved PFD at all times. Please check with your local and state laws even when operating non-motorized rentals. Lifejackets are not provided, but available for rent at a low affordable cost. We keep costs low to encourage safety at all times, though we cannot provide them for free due to general wear and tear.
  • Can I use the equipment to go fishing?
    Fishing is not allowed from any towable equipment, inner tubes, water trampolines, banana boats, lily pads, or any other inflatable equipment. Please check with the product manufacture's website to ensure there are no restrictions on their rentals such as kayaks, SUPs, and canoes. Additionally, please check with local and state laws prior to fishing. It is not Pine Valley Outdoor Living's responsibility to ensure renters are adhering to local and state fishing laws. If fishing is permitted based on manufacture's restrictions and local and state fishing laws, it is required that equipment is cleaned of any contaminates related to the act of fishing, included bait, odors, blood, etc. Failure to properly clean equipment of fishing contaminates may result in a cleaning fee.
  • Can I consume alcohol when renting equipment?
    Alcohol consumption is prohibited when using rental equipment from Pine Valley Outdoor Living, regardless of local and state laws.
  • Do I need experience to rent these types of equipment?
    Basic safety and operating instructions will be provided upon request, and is recommended for first-time renters to ask for this information. However, though not required, it is suggested that customers have some experience or knowledge of the water activity they are participating in for the best experience.
  • Is there an age limit or other restrictions?
    We don’t have any set age restrictions for renting equipment. Although, each manufacturer, such as Lifetime™ or Rave® Sports has an age restriction on their products. Please refer to the product manufacturer website for age restrictions. Pine Valley Outdoor Living is not responsible for the misuse of product manufacturer requirements, and we ask that you always adhere to the product manufacturer restrictions. We have lifejackets for kids weighing 30lbs and up. If you’re bringing a child weighing less than 30lbs, please make sure to bring a properly fitted infant lifejacket for them. Additionally, please refer to local and state laws in regards to age restrictions. Pine Valley Outdoor Living is not responsible for ensuring renters abide by state and local laws. For example, you don't need a license to operate a non-motorized kayak or canoe in Alabama, but your local city or county may have restrictions on your local bodies of water. In general, we ask that you do your due diligence when deciding whether a child should be using the rental equipment which includes understanding the manufacturer's requirements, local and state laws, and using your best judgement. If anyone is your party, regardless of age, is unable to adhere to these requirements, they cannot use the equipment. For other restrictions please refer to our Safety First page.
  • Should I be concerned about wildlife?
    When renting equipment, you should always check with the waterway or body of water's local officials to familiarize yourself with the wildlife habitat that you may encounter. Safety tips and instructions on how to interact with these animals will be best provided by these officials.
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