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Lay-on Towable


$40 Single Day
$35 Multi-Day

2-3 person towable

$1.00/Mile Delivery


2-3 person towable

Towable Deck Tube: WOW Sports Super Thriller towable deck tube is designed to give you the excitement and thrill of the ride.

This deck tube has a tapered design and is higher in the front than in the back to prevent submarine effect.

Double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards, this towable tube is sturdy and built for a thrilling ride.

Comfortable Ride: The EVA foam pads on this inflatable towable tube ensure that the rider has a nice and comfortable experience while riding on the tube. Use the deck tube to relax and float along in the banks when not hooked up to a boat.

Capacity: This stylish towable tube is designed to carry up to 3 riders. Gear up to experience a wild wake action ride on the river with the WOW Sports Super Thriller towable deck tube


75" x 62" when inflated and 80" x 68" when deflated.

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